Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Okay....So what can I say...I am not a good blogger. I just feel like I don't have the time and then when I do have the time...well...it's not always in my top 5 things to do. Sometimes I just want to sit still and do nothing. Oh, well...just a thought! I really don't have a lot going on other than Kel and Kal dancing and Kal playing t-ball. Kat is not doing anything right now. She and Kel just got through playing b-ball. The girls are taking SAT/ARMT this week and then next week we will have Spring Break! Yea!!!!!!!!!!! Sleeping late, staying up late, and sitting by the pool (weather permitting and husband permitting). Blake wants to plant a garden and he wants to do that next week. Sounds like fun...maybe some family time. I am just talking... I thought about letting my blog go, but my husband said "NO, I like reading the blog. When are you going to post again?" So this post is for you Blake for whatever it is worth. I love you Blake, hope you have a good night at work! For the rest of you good night and may God richly bless your life.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Update on Cracker

Cracker is home. Yea! However, her front left leg is broken on the elbow part of her leg. Dr. Jones said that if he did surgery on her leg it would be anywhere from $700 - $800 and that if an orthopedic surgeon did the surgery it would cost from $1500 - $2500. So he and Blake talked about it and we decided to bring her home and put her in a pin for approximately a month to six weeks. She may learn to adapt to the leg and learn to live with it we will just have to see. But for now we are happy she's at home. Until the next time....May God ricly bless you and your family.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cracker is our dear sweet great pyrennes dog who looks like a big white polar bear. Blake says he believes she weighs at least 125 lbs. Pretty big. She is the sweetest, most laid back dog we have ever had and we all love her very much. This afternoon she decided to cross the road right in front of a very dear friend of mine. Well.... my sweet friend hit her, after swerving to try and miss her. The girls were out playing b-ball and saw the whole thing. Blake went out to check on her and she finally got up. He took her to Dr. Jones. She could possible have a broken front leg (around the elbow). Dr. Jones is keeping her over night to make sure there is no internal bleeding. He is going to do an x-ray on her leg and hopefully it is not broken. If it is broken he said she would have to see an orthopedic and that if that was the case that was not something he would do to his own dog. However, we can decide. He said with her age and her weight that even if they were able to fix her leg (if it's broken) she would still have a hard time getting around. I say all this to ask for your prayers.... I know she isn't human but my God says ask so I am asking and I hope that you all will too. Kel's heart is breaking. Please pray for Cracker, our family, and my dear sweet friend because it is just about to get the best of her. Whatever happens we will certainly deal with, and we know that this is part of life, but we would so like for Cracker to come home tomorrow or Monday. Thank you all and may God richly bless you all.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Beauty Pageant Picture: I only have time to post a couple of pictures of the Beauty Pageant. Hope you enjoy, I will make a slide show later on when I find out how. Okay...so I am not the best photographer in the world. Maybe Tammy will put some on her blog. The first one is a pic of "Kel's" best friend.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Contestant Number 8 Miss Kelsi Elizabeth Scruggs was named Miss Photogenic for the Relay For Life Beauty Pageant. Thanks to Tammy Holt for such a pretty picture to enter. I will post more later with lots of pics.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wow!! Blogging certainly takes a lot of time. I decided last night that I would let "B" take Kel to dance tonight and that I would take that time to change my blog. So...I got a new background (thought that was fun) and then I added some new music to my blog. EASY as pie! I thought I would have a hard time adding music but I didn't. I also deleted my lilypie "stuff" on accident, but I think I can go back and get new lilypie (if I decide to). Well...in a few weeks it will be Valentine's and that is always fun- trying to decide Valentine's to buy and what kind to make for all of our friends. It is fun! I am pretty much just rambling. Although, I do want to say Happy Birthday to Gail on January 30. I hope you have a wonderful day, Gail! The girls all say Happy Birthday, MIMI! Well...Beauty pageant this weekend, I will let you all know the result asap. We just hope she has fun and enjoys it and if she wins well... that will just be an added bonus. Until next time...God Bless You!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

OOPS...I think I left out a few numbers on the thing "about our hubby's" OH well sorry!